Latest process in applying for Philippine Passport in DFA East (Megamall)

We are still thankful that the process for our application went fast after waiting for three 3 hours.

Applying in DFA East (Megamall) is always a good choice because it’s part of a mall.  When we were asked to wait for three 3 hours, at first, we were surprised because it wasn’t part of the plan.  I even regretted myself for not reading more blogs about it.  Thank God we were in a mall!

After doing other activities just to kill time, let me share with you our process this time.

  1. I showed the stab given to me at the lady guard.  Thank you for letting us in even though we came in fifteen (15) minutes earlier.
  2. When we got in, we proceed to Step A where I showed the following:

a.  application form I downloaded here (No Signature and date).

b.  Photocopy of my passport (Mother’s passport)

c.  My baby’s original birth certificate from NSO.

Note:  Only these documents were given because my child is Illegitimate. 

We still have to wait a bit because we were the third one in the priority line. After giving the documents, the guy did something on this computer and we were given a number for the Step B.

3.  In step B, the three of us came in the window, showed the documents brought, signed the application form and gave us a receipt.

We waited our number to be called for Step B.  The waiting time wasn’t long.  I even brought out my original passport and my driver’s license but the lady didn’t even bother looking at it.  I was then thinking if I should have left them at home instead 🙂  She checked all the documents and asked me to sign the application form with date.  After giving us the receipt, we were told to proceed at the cashier.

4.  At the cashier, present only RECEIPT and CASH

It is written all over the cashier to present only these.  We paid PHP 1,200 (Rush: 5-7 working days) for this because it is a Saturday and it’s their rule.  Waiting time? I think it was less than five 5 minutes.

5.  Put the paper face down on the table beside window 18 (see below picture) and wait for your name to be called.

6.   Window 20 was where we were called.  Since our baby was asleep in my hands, my husband were asked to sign on a paper, it looks like an attendance.

We woke our baby to have her picture taken. Since she can sit with support, we were asked to put a box on a chair, and our baby were sitted there to have her picture taken.  The guy from Window 18 were called though, I think he is the expertise for babies, as I remember, it was also him who took a picture for our first born.

After the picture were taken, we were ask to verify the details on the computer and I was asked to signed in an electronic pad.

7.  The last part was the delivery, we gave the receipt to the delivery service and paid PHP 150.  Yes, we are still in the priority lane that we skipped about 10 people in line.

Are you a priority but asked to come back? Check this article.

June 16, 2018, Saturday, we went to SM Megamall to apply for a Philippine Passport for my second baby. All along, since we know we are with a priority, we knew that we will apply for the passport in no time.  But then, a priority was asked to wait for three 3 hours.

This time, we were dismayed because it wasn’t exactly the same before in 2016.

My common-law husband, Jinhee (five months baby), and I got there at 11:30 AM and we were given a stab to come back at 3:00 PM.  At first, I was confused because all along we thought that we will be prioritized because we have a minor with us.  The lady guard at the entrance said that there is a lot of priority who came in by 9:30 AM and that is why we can’t come in yet.  They are still finishing those who came in by 9:30 AM.

She gave a stab (picture below).

I thought for a second that I wanted to burst out in anger but thinking that it won’t be useful.  I then ask what should we do for us not to wait, she said that it would be best if we came in at 9:30 AM.  On the second thought, I was thinking if I should have made an appointment instead.

I wanted to go home right after we heard that from the lady guard but then, our firstborn was in the activity center.

We decided to finish the hour pass in the activity center as shown above then had lunch at Botejyu.

After we ate in Botejyu, we decided to look after my husband’s clothes in Uniqlo.  After looking around, we then knew it was already 2:30 PM.

We then decided to apply for the passport and thankful that the lady guard let us in.

When we got there, there was a long line with priorities and they were also asked to come back after an hour.

Our application went so fast.  See here our process we went through in applying for the passport.