Exhausting and expensive are the only things we know about having a baby.  Are you sure that you are really really ready?  Let me tell you five (5) more thoughts to think about again and again.  By the way, this article is not to scare you, I am just stating facts and real experiences.

First, let me share my background.  I was the eldest, and I have tried taking care of my sister.  We are fourteen years apart.  I experienced being sleep deprived and her annoying tantrums.  I honestly didn’t want to have babies until I met the man who always makes me happy.  And of course, by watching The Return of Superman (Korean Reality Show).  Now, we have a two kids: a two (2) year old and a nine-month old, baby.

Here, I have gathered five (5) experiences or challenges that I haven’t seen anyone write about.

1. Passive Income

Once you meet your baby, you will be head over heels in love with him/her.  I bet every parent would like to resign from their work so that they could take care of their baby.  They also would like to see for themselves their first in everything (first word etc.)  It will be tough for you to wake up and perform properly at work because the night isn’t going to be smooth since you have to wake up multiple times to make milk, carry, and more.  Therefore, you should have some sort of passive Income that could cover your monthly bills, letting you focus entirely on taking care of your baby.

2.Change of Lifestyle

Do you usually exercise?  This time, even taking a bath would be a challenge.  Having time for yourself will be hard when you are the only one your baby is asking for.  You will be told that your baby will cry none stop if you aren’t home.  Since you love your baby so much, you would sacrifice that freedom/rest.

3.More house chores

More house chores come in when you have no one to help you.  Just in case you have someone to help you, it means, higher monthly bills, no explanation needed right?  Kidding aside, you sometimes want to double check the work of a nanny.

4. Live exclusively

What I mean by this is living without relatives.  Their comments might frustrate you, sometimes, making you feel bad about yourself. Sometimes, they will try to micromanage you thinking that they know what’s best for the baby. Sometimes they do, but sometimes they don’t. When they don’t, I just try and think that they have my children’s best interests. But I’m only human, so I can’t always think that way.  But on the other hand, they are the only ones you can trust if you need to leave your baby.

5.Hunger Strike

“Eat when your baby is sleeping”, everyone will tell you that.  When your baby is sleeping, you might be sleeping as well because you would want to take that advantage to rest.  You can also eat while holding your baby but you won’t be able to enjoy your food.  “Have someone hold your baby while eating,” that is possible too but can you manage to see your baby crying while you are eating?

Now, are you mentally ready?  I suggest that you try to babysit for a month, without rest day to feel what you will go through.  Are you scared yet?

There are solutions to those though.  Just look at your baby and by think that they will be the one who will take care of you when you get older 🙂