Lazy Girl Cooking – Bibimbap Recipe

Since I love watching Korean novela, I always forget the title of their dramas (my apologies, I promised that I enjoyed them though).  Somewhere in their drama, they mostly squeeze in their food culture.

I was watching this drama where a guy is living alone and he met a woman.  That woman looked around his place to find food but she only found the following.

These are the following:

Cooked Rice (1 cup)
Tuna (1 tbsp)
Red pepper paste (0.5 tbsp)
Sesame Oil (1tbsp)

What are we going to prepare?  They said it’s bibimbap.  It is one of their well-known dishes.  Don’t expect it to taste the same of course since a lot of ingredients are missing. Lazy Girl Cooking – Bibimbap Recipe it is since you can prepare this no time.

The steps?  Just mixed them all together.  Let me tell you how I do it though.

First, I get a bowl and put rice in it then I put the Tuna.  Second, I put the red pepper paste then the sesame oil.  After mixing them, I use this as a spread in the seaweed paper, and voila, it became a rice roll.

Since we love seaweed paper (Nori paper), I just thought of adding it and it definitely tastes well.  And again, please remember that I have no educational background or what so ever in cooking, you can base the ratio on your preference.

I sometimes add something to this and I am sorry but I don’t know what they called it, maybe you can tell me?  The ingredients are fish cake, tofu, and kimchi. All you have to do is boil the fish cake and tofu.  How would you know if they cooked?  They will float.

Here in the Philippines, the bibimbap would be my rice while the fish tofu is my side dish.


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