How to embed your Google Photos in WordPress

I have been researching how to embed photos in my WordPress or blog and most answers I’ve seen was that I need to install a plugin.  And yes, you have to install “Google Photos embed” by enomoto@celtislab.

Before I show some information in purchasing hosting in Godaddy, let me tell you how to embed photos first.

  1.  Open the browser (Safari) on where you want to post your picture.

2.  Pick your chosen photo in “Google Photos”.

3.  Click on “Share” icon on the upper right.

4.  Choose “Get Link”

5.  Copy the Link.

6.  Then paste it on where you want it.  Depending on your internet speed, the picture might take a while for you to see.  Remember that based on my experience, this only works in Safari.

Process above worked out for me, I hope it does for you too.  As promised, let me tell you a little information about purchasing hosting from Godaddy.

How to purchase hosting in Godaddy

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Hosting”
  3. Choose “WordPress Hosting”.

You will then be directed to choices and these are following:

  1.  Basic – PHP 209 per month
    1. 1 website
    2. 10 GB Storage
    3. ~25,000 monthly visitors
    4. sFTP
  2. Deluxe – PHP 259 per month
    1. 1 website
    2. 15 GB Storage
    3. ~100,000 monthly visitors
    4. sFTP/SSH access
    5. Search engine visibility wizard
    6. Staging site for testing
  3. Ultimate – PHP 389 per month
    1. 2 websites
    2. 30 GB Storage
    3. ~400,000 monthly visitors
    4. sFTP/SSH access
    5. Search engine visibility wizard
    6. Staging site for testing
    7. Malware scan and repair
    8. Free SSL Certificate –1st year
  4. Developer – PHP 649 per month
    1. 5 websites
    2. 50 GB SSD storage
    3. ~800,000 monthly visitors
    4. SSH/SFTP access
    5. Free domain with annual plan
    6. One-click staging site
    7. Free SSL Certificate –1st year

Want to be a full-time blogger?

11 replies
  1. Gladys Parker
    Gladys Parker says:

    While most of this was foreign to me there were pieces of information that I found helpful. For that I am appreciative! I feel like I learn more every time I visit. I am looking forward to the next time!

  2. Jennifer L
    Jennifer L says:

    Oh wow this is a great guide. I know this can definitely be helpful for those not wanting to overload their sites with hosting images when it can be stored elsewhere.

  3. Dom Dalston
    Dom Dalston says:

    I wanted to say that this is really useful. I have a wordpress site and I do prefer to use my storage space for my own photos and videos. It’s much easier to keep track of your digital assets that way. I’m currently with but after reading your post I’m considering swapping to GoDaddy when it’s time to renew my hosting package.

  4. Shilpa Bindlish
    Shilpa Bindlish says:

    I really appreciate the tutorials like these that help fellow bloggers to grow in terms of efficiency. Thanks for sharing.


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