National Statistics Office (NSO) are open on Saturdays

As everyone know, NSO or PSA are closed during the weekends because this is a government agency.  Thanks to our President Duterte and he thought of opening NSO or PSA during Saturdays.  I was able to get a birth certificate of my first born in less than thirty (30) minutes.  I thought at first that they were closed, because look at the picture below, the place was deserted.

Though we can get our birth certificate through online, but this will make you pay double the price (PHP300+/copy).

In this article, let me share their process during Saturdays in Makati since they have a different one compared on during week days.


  1.  In Window 8, get an application form and fill it out.
  2. After filling it out, bring it back to Window 8 for checking.
  3. In Window 3 or 2 (PSA Cashier) whichever is open, you have to pay PHP 144/copy for the birth certificate.
  4. In Window 6 (LGU Cashier), you have to pay PHP 40.  This part is for the local government, which I have no clue why we have to pay additional for.
  5. In Window 7, name will be called out and you need to show your ID and show them that you are the one who requested for the certificate.  Don’t even try browsing through facebook because they call out quickly.

Check out other offices open during Saturdays

City Location Business Hours
Caloocan City Caloocan City Hall, A. Mabini St. 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Makati City Makati City Hall, J. P. Rizal St., Poblacion 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Muntinlupa City 2nd Level, East Parking, Starmall, Alabang 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Pasay City Hobbies of Asia, #8 Diosdado Macapagal Avenue 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Pasig City Pasig City Hall, Caruncho Ave., Barangay San Nicolas 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM


I haven’t seen the process of other branch, it would be nice to share them with me 🙂

Hong Kong Itinerary for Adults (no kids)

I love Hong Kong, I can say that now because I have been there for five (5) times!  Below were the year I went and who I went with.

1993: I was in 3rd grade with mom, uncle, and grandparents from mother’s side
2000s: I was in college with mom, siblings, and grandparents from mother’ side again
2010: Glo-cal Advanced Systems company outing
2011:  My boyfriend and his mom
2015: Boyfriend’s whole family.

I am happy that filipinos like us doesn’t need a visa to get there and I believe that is one reason I keep on coming back to their country.

My apologies because we skipped two major attractions (HK Disneyland and Ocean Park).  I hope you would understand because we don’t have any kids with us.

Day 1 – Sunday

Main Destinations:  Soho (Central), Big Buddha, Symphony of Lights, Avenue of Stars, and Nathan Road

Location: Manila Airport

Activity: Fly from Manila to Hongkong

Expense:  Travel Tax PHP 1,620/pax
Expense:  Terminal Fee PHP 550/pax

Note: Check your itinerary if travel tax might be included else, you need to pay the travel tax first.


Location:  Hongkong

Activity:  Airport to Hotel Bishop Lei International House(Central)

Airport Express Train Ride from HK Airport to Central ( HongKong Station)

Airport Express Train Ride from HK Airport to Central (HongKong Station)


Expense:  Airport Express Train Ride from Airport to Central (HongKong Station) HKD250/4pax/way, else HKD100/pax/way



List of free shuttle bus seen in L2

List of free shuttle bus seen in L2

Diary:  Bishop Lei’s free shuttle bus picks ups at L2, Airport Express Central(HongKong Station).  A lot of other hotel has free shuttle bus so just don’t go along with them.  They have a customer service desk though, so you can always ask and they speak English very well.


L2 at Airport Express Carpark Central Station (HongKong Station)

L2 at Airport Express Carpark Central Station (HongKong Station)

Bishop Lei Internation House Shuttle Bus

Bishop Lei International House Shuttle Bus








Activity: Hotel to Soho (Central)

Soho (Central)

Soho (Central)



Diary:  We went here to have lunch.  I can say that this place are for the fortunates.  I see expensive cars going around.  A lot of foreigners and Italian restaurant as well.

Expense:  Lunch at Zabon Ramen, my meal cost HKD 85 while my boyfriend’s HKD 70


Activity:  Soho (Central) to Big Buddha (Ngong Pin)

Schedule of Bus going back to Tung Chung Station

Schedule of Bus going back to Tung Chung Station




Diary:  Walked to Central Station then ride the train to Tung Chung Station.  From Tung Chung Station, took number 23 bus to/from Ngong Pin.




Expense:  Central Station to Tung Chung Station HKD 25/pax
Expense:  Bus from Tung Chung Station to Ngong Pin HKD 27/pax
Tip:  No change will be given

Expense:  Bought Cold Tea (taste like Gulaman) HKD 15

Approaching Big Buddha

Approaching Big Buddha

About to climb those stairs to pray

About to climb those stairs to pray

One of their attractions in Ngong Pin

One of their attractions in Ngong Pin












Activity:  Big Buddha (Ngong Pin) to Symphony of Stars (Victoria Harbour/Avenue of Stars)

Diary:  Took bus 23 to Tung Chung Station then train ride to Tsim Tsa Tsui  (TST)
Expense:  Bus to Tung Chung Station from Ngong Pin HKD 27/pax
Expense:  Train from Tung Chung Station to TST HKD 19/pax
Expense:  Water HKD 7.2
Tip:  I saw from reviews that it was hard to find food in Victoria Harbour so we bought food and water in TST train station.
Tip:  Come in early to have a good spot, show starts at 8PM sharp!

Symphony of Lights

Symphony of Lights

Activity:  Dinner at Nathan Road

Diary:  Walked from Avenue of Stars to Nathan Road.  We just looked for any restaurant so we could eat like the locals.
Tip:  Make sure you have a map so you won’t get lost (duh! I think I can erase this)
Expense:  HKD 200 / approximately 3pax

Activity:  Nathan Road back to Hotel

Diary:  TST station to Central then cab to hotel.
Expense: TST station to Central HKD 10/pax
Expense: Cab to Hotel HKD 27


Day 2- Monday

Main Destinations:  Macau, Fisherman’s Wharf, Senado Square, Ruins, City of Dreams, Venetian

Location: Hongkong

Activity: Hongkong to Macau

Turbo Jet Counter at Sheung Wan Center

Turbo Jet Counter at Sheung Wan Center

Diary:  We took the free hotel shuttle bus to Central station.  Took the train to Sheung Wan station.  Based on our map, the ferry terminal to Macau is on the 3rd floor of Sheung Wan Centre.  There are signs everywhere so you won’t miss it.  Since we toured Macau with a local, I had no idea how to roam around the area because we just followed our so called tour guide 😛

Expense:  Central Station to Sheung Wan Station HKD 4.5/pax

Expense:  Ferry to Macau (Turbo Jet) HKD 164/pax

Expense:  Sausage and a drink HKD 32

Tip:  If you can book your ferry to Macau early or through their website, your ride would be smooth.  For us, it was convenient not to do so because we get to canvas which boat leaves first.

Tip:  If you already purchase your ticket, gate # won’t be indicated on your ticket.  You can just look on their board which gate you goes to.

Tip:  After buying the ticket, there is a distinct boarding location per ferry name, upon entering their boarding area, you will pass by immigration, be sure to fill departure card >  go to your gate  (which is not indicated on your ticket but you can either ask or look on their board) >  after you know which gate you’ll take, make sure to get a sticker on your ticket and this will serve your seat #.

Tip:  Macau also accepts Hongkong dollar.  Check your change though because it might be their currency and Hongkong does not accept Macau money.


Destination:  Fisherman’s Wharf

Diary:  Just walk from the terminal.  Check your map.

Destination:  Emperor’s Hotel

Diary:  We had our lunch here.  Since my boyfriend’s relative works in Macau she said that this hotel is being owned by Jackie Chan.

Emperor's Hotel at our background

Emperor’s Hotel at our background


Diary:  From fisherman’s Wharf, we walked back to Macau Terminal then took the free shuttle ride to Grand Lisboa Hotel, and walked to Emperor’s Hotel (5-15mins walk).



Expense:  Duck meal HKD 40, Pork meal HKD 40, noodles HKD 30, Sprite lemon HKD 24

Destination: Senado Square/Ruins

Diary:  Around 5 blocks from Emperor’s Hotel.

Expense:  Egg tart HKD 48/ 6pcs + HKD 9, beef jerky HKD 45/ 1 lb

Tip:  Just follow the signs to get to the Ruins.


Destination: City of Dreams

Diary:  From the Ruins, we walked back to Senado, walked took the same way to Emperor’s and took the City of Dreams free shuttle bus.


Destination: Venetian

Approaching Venetian from City of Dreams/Hard Rock Hotel

Approaching Venetian from City of Dreams/Hard Rock Hotel

Diary:  We know that this hotel is just in front of City of Dreams but we still asked which exit to take to know the nearest way to Venetian.  As I remember, we walked to Hard Rock Hotel Lobby and took the exit.  From their main lobby, you just need to walk 2 blocks to get to Venetian.  We waited until dark to be here so that we can see the Las Vegas of Macau 🙂

Expense:  Boyfriend’s dinner HKD 68 + my dinner bread HKD 20

Destination:  Back to Hotel in Hongkong

Diary:  We took the Venetian free shuttle bus to Macau terminal.

Expense: Ferry HKD 189/pax, midnight snack (kmart) HKD 145.3, plastic at kmart HKD 0.5

Day 3 – Tuesday

Destination:  The Peak

Diary:  We chose the 5 seater cab to the peak from our hotel (Bishop Lei International House).  We had a hard time taking one at first because we tried getting one just up front from the hotel and we are happy that a Filipino showed us where to get a cab and walked there.  From the peak, we took the over rated tram to central station.

Expense:  cab to the peak HKD 51/5pax/way, sky terrace viewing board HKD 48/pax, picture with frame HKD 288, card souvenirs HKD 100, magnet and pouch souvenirs HKD 265, tram HKD 56/ 2pax, way

5 seater cab to The Peak

5 seater cab to The Peak

The Peak view on our background

The Peak view on our background and the tram is on the lower right side at the back of the guy in yellow/orange









Destination:  Mongkok (Ladies’ night market)

Diary:  After getting off from the tram, we followed other people from getting out and just followed the sign to central station.  Our main agenda in Mongkok is to get to sneakers street because we know that it is cheaper when buying from the Philippines.  We also had our lunch in one of their shops.  I kinda feel like I was in Korea because a lot of korean beauty product are already established (e.g. innis free, tony moly etc)

Tip:  For the restaurant, always ask for the English menu.

Expense:  Central station to Mongkok station HKD 26/2pax/way, New balance shoes HKD 354, Nike shoes HKD 360, Nats’ goose HKD 49, Warren’s pork HKD 42, bag HKD 180, Lego HKD 65, shorts HKD 168, tart HKD 3


Activity:  Back to hotel

Expense:  Mongkok station to Central station HKD 26/2pax

Diary:  We had dinner somewhere near the hotel, nothing special about that except for this hehe

Roasted Children

Roasted Children?!

Expense:  Dinner HKD 160, drinks HKD 25, Beer and snack HKD 47

Lan Kwai Fong

Lan Kwai Fong

Destination:  Lan Kwai Fong

Diary:  Visited Lan Kwai Fong at night but didn’t even had a bottle because we were already tired.

Diary:  We just followed the map and walked from the hotel to Lan Kwai Fong.



Day 4 – Wednesday

one block from Li Yuen

one block from Li Yuen

Diary:  We just visited the nearest night market in our Hotel, based on, nearest is Li Yuen and walked there instead.  I loved Li Yuen, they sell cheap chocolates for giveaways and souvenirs that are HKD 15 cheaper if compared to The Peak shop.

Tip:  Bring your eco bag 😛

Expense:  Matcha chocolate HKD15, cotton on HKD 380, chocolates HKD 156, Lunch HKD 115, Airport Express train ride HKD 70/pax, water HKD 4.5, starbucks HKD 82

Destination: HK Airport

Tip:  Some airlines are allowed to check in at Airport Express Hong Kong Station (Central station).  After checking in, your gate number will not be given, it will not also be announced, instead they have board everywhere for you to check on.  So expect a lot of people in their waiting area, but don’t worry about the food, it will also be everywhere 🙂

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Little Surfmaid at San Juan, La Union

I first saw this hotel when I checked in at Kahuna Resort and then found their hotel in facebook when I got back home.  When me and my friends decided to go to the beach lately, La Union came to mind and my first thought after Kahuna was Little Surfmaid.  Since facebook messenger was one of the easiest way to contact them, I then decided to inquire about the availability of their rooms.  I couldn’t believe how they answered with my inquiries but honestly speaking, I found it unprofessional, specially on the part in how they brought up my background.

Below are the complete screenshots of our conversation.


TUE 4:18PM (July 21)
Me:  Hi, do you have a family room for about 7pax?
LSM:  No
Me:  What is the maximum number of person in a room?  Thanks
LSM:  Read this link.  regards, Sie

THU 11:02AM (July 23)
Me:  Hi, do you still have “BIG SUITE WITH ONE SEPARATE BEDROOM & BALCONY” for Aug.1-2?



THU 11:54AM

LSM:  Yes, we have one left. Sie


THU 12:47PM

Me:  May view po ng beach right?  Paano po magpa reserve?

LSM:  Please look up the below link to familiarize yourself with our policy for advance bookings


THU 1:21PM

Me:  pede po rent ng 2 additional bed para po 6pax kami sa room?

Me:  we are deciding to be there on August 1 at around 6am, moron po kayo place to stay until check in time na 2pm?

LSM:  If suite is ready you can make use of it immediately at percentage of costs.  If not we only have a parking area or you can sit in our restaurant.  Pl.  remember advance payment. Thanks, Sie

***I called them to verify if we can rent two extra mattress so that the living room can be used up for the remaining 2pax.  However, my request was disapproved that they suggested to rent another room.  I told him that I will get back to him after talking to my friends***


THU 2:40PM

Me:  Yung room na available pa is beach view?
LSM:  yes
Me:  Meron pa daw yung room na 2900?
LSM:  Read the link we sent you, please
Me:  Meron pa available room 2900?  Plan namin mag rent ng 2 rooms intead
Me:  I can’t open the link now
LSM:  Then do it later
Me:  Are you sure nasa site yung availability ng rooms for aug1-2?

IMG_3325LSM:  Yes, and we really do not have time for covering repeated time for covering repeat subjects.  Sorry

THU 4:24PM

Me:  been looking around your site but i can’t find your available rooms for aug1-2.

THU 7:39PM:  I then decided to post the conversation in face book and…

THU 9:33PM

LSM:  We do not have a site which gives you available rooms for a given day, and that is also not what you did.  You called our reception where we verbally took the pain of explaining what we had already had put in writing.  Therefore, it’s clear to us, that we cannot satisfy you even when answers are already in the link we also sent you.  Thus please find another hotel or resort on this beach and contact these.  We just do not have time to answer questions we have already answered.  Thank you.

After 4 days (MON before 8:53AM – July 27), I saw their post below in one of my public fb post.

IMG_3317LSM:  Fake Google address?  Couldn’t deliver so you get it this way or we put it on our profile::With this person, Nathalie Martinez we had 20 exchanges of mail regarding one room night for August 1st.  The mail exchange started Tuesday 4:28 pm and ended Thursday 9:33 pm last week.  We terminated further exchange of mail with her, since she never bothered to look up our link – although reminded 3 times and forward to her twice – claiming;” I cannot open it *now*” And when we suggested she could look it up later she didn’t bother.  All this during a period of 53 hours.

IMG_3318The lady claims she is educated at Brent International and should be computer literate since she also claims she worked for TREND MICRO – Content Security Software – International.
She quickly removed our exchange of mail from her face book but we have kept them on record should they be required.
We hope the above can be brought to Ms Martinez attention and she be reminded that we as a resort will go a long way to help our potential customer, but we are not a travel agent, and do not wish to be abused by having to repeat answers to questions already answered to readily available on our web site.  Management LSM


MON 3:40PM (July 27), I included comment in my original post, “Above screenshot is only a part of the conversation, what more yung last reply nila.  They mentioned the word “pain” 🙂 “


MON 4:18PM, I received below in my fb messenger.

LSM:  To take the pain to explain or to take the trouble to explain is in the English language basically the same.  This we are sure you must have learned at Brent International

MON 4:40PM –  I post another comment in my page, “It doesn’t matter how you use the words pain and trouble, its how you deliver it.”



MON 5:19PMIMG_3328

LSM:  You are obviously an educated person and thus ought to know that a written message can be delivered in one way only.  I.e. in writing as a text and no other way!  Regards from us.

LSM:  we really don’t mind your sharing all the exchanged of mail.  That would be fair.  Don’t you think?  Selective texts provided by one partner only can lead to misunderstandings I already see.  Cheers

Me:  Yes, I agree that i need to post all our communications.  Thank you.


IMG_3333Tue at 5:10PM (July 28)

LSM:  Thanks, this is a normal honourable way of dealing with matters, and we are happy you agree with us.  Many thanks.






I have travelled before and this is the first time I encountered this kind of customer service.  I believe I didn’t do anything wrong for them to respond that way.

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