I am an avid fan of Human Heart Nature‘s product.  I always try their latest products in their biggest size (shampoo) except for their makeups since I don’t usually wear them. I am writing this article to tell you my real review of their one of their latest product, Moisturizing Plus Shampoo and Conditioner.


Shampoo and the conditioner container is quite thick.  You know that they spend on their packaging.  Since what I have is their biggest size, it should hold the liquid right.



Shampoo’s texture is a little thick as well but you know that it has more water than usual.  I need to use more to have my usual bubbles in taking a bath.

Conditioner, on the other hand, is quite different,  it is thicker than their shampoo.  I believe I can use one container for two shampoo packs.


Both of their smell is the same (duh!).  When I smelled this at the store, the lemon scent is stronger than green tea.  I could really smell the green tea when I am in the bathroom already.   My first impression was not perfect though, I feel like I put a cleaning material on my head due to the lemon scent.  However, by smelling it harder, I feel like I am out in the forest taking a bath, I could really smell the green tea this time.  If you are looking for just one thing, it smelled like mint leaves.


Human Heart Nature never fails to really clean my hair.  I know that the extra oil and sweat were gone.  My hair feels lighter, I never have a bad hair day, and it is always in the style I want.


Shampoo 180ml PHP169.75 400ml PHP329.75
Conditioner 200ml PHP189.75 500ml PHP389.75


If I were to give this a rating out of five (5), I would rate this with 4.5 stars, maybe just because of the smell.  The smell isn’t typical here in the Philippines.  


Avon Super Extend Extreme Mascara

I decided to use a mascara because I read somewhere that based on my face shape (round), a mascara is a necessity.  I don’t really like wearing makeups, I just do to look presentable.  Also, as I said in my other article (Gold’s gym in Circuit Makati), I am concerned with how I look.

I would also like to show the outcome of the mascara I bought from Avon which is called Super Extend Extreme Mascara.  This mascara cost PHP299.  I got this from my friend and bought it from her office mate.

Since this took about 2 weeks, I am not sure if I would buy again from her officemate in the future.  I am actually a Human Heart Nature lover, and it made me sad hearing that they still don’t have a mascara yet.  Let me know if they have one and I would definitely get one.

Anyways, let me show you how I apply the mascara and show the outcome.  Read on to see the step by step guide in how I did it.  Please tell me if I forgotten anything.

Step by Step Guide in applying Mascara.  Please note that the source on these are based on friends and youtube.

Step 1:  Use Eye Curler (Shu Uemura) until your eyelash curled.

Plain Eyelash

Plain Eyelash

Eyelash Curler

Eyelash Curler








Step 2:  Apply Mascara to make your eyelash thick therefore, it will look more curled.

After Applying Eyelash Curler

After Applying Eyelash Curler

With Mascara

With Mascara










Note:  Let me know if I missed something in the process, I am glad to hear from you.  I am no professional in wearing makeups, I just rely on online videos.  Do you have any suggestion for me to watch?

My apologies for the under eye wrinkles, I am currently looking for a good yet affordable under eye wrinkle cream.

Do you have a better mascara?  What do you use? How much does it cost?  Where did you purchase it?

Natural Skin Care Regimen from Human Nature

1. Cleanse: Purify your skin by removing dirt, oil, and excess make-up accumulated throughout the day. Alternate your Facial Wash with the Purifying Facial Scrub 2-3 times a week to gently exfoliate your skin, and then cap off the cleansing with a weekly facial with Detoxifying Mask+Scrub.

2. Tone: Toning with Face Toner removes deep seated dirt that may have been left behind by the wash. Plus, it primes your skin for easy absorption of moisturizer.

3. Spot-on Treatment: Combat pimples spot on with Acne Defense Solution Gel. It effectively helps keep pesky breakouts at bay without the burning, redness, drying or peeling that can further aggravate the skin.

4. Miracle Care: In the morning, apply a few drops of Sunflower Beauty Oil to areas that need special care and attention, such as under eyes, uneven skin tone or pigmented spots. At night, massage a few drops of Overnight Elixir all over your face and neck.

5. Moisturize Day & Night: Moisturize your face with 100% Natural Day Moisturizer before applying make-up. This helps your make-up last longer and blend well with your skin. Before going to bed, apply 100% Natural Night Moisturizer to help the skin increase its ability to regenerate newer cells and replenish moisture.

This article is from Human Heart Nature itself.  I am a loyal customer of them because they are not only organic, they are very much affordable too.  I have tried their other products too and it worked just fine, except for one, their roll on deodorant.  It didn’t work the way we want it.

I used it when I went to work one afternoon.  I didn’t have it dry before I go, so right after I got to work, I ran to the nearest convenience store to buy a tested deodorant.  I think I used it in the wrong way though.

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