What’s one thing that is usually Forgotten in buying baby stuff?

As a first time mother at 33 years old, I thought I knew everything from hearing stories from my friends who have kids. But no, you will never know until you become a mother.

It all started when I was 6 months pregnant when my partner and I decided to buy baby stuff.  If you searched the net, you will be overwhelmed just like I was.  Trust me, you got this.

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Anyways, back to my topic.  The one thing that is usually forgotten by everyone to buy is a pacifier and teether at once.  You might ask why this is usually forgotten?  After searching in the internet, I don’t see this to be included in their list.

I knew that this is needed when my baby started sucking her fingers.  Sometimes, she will hold the pacifier and bite the sides of the pacifier and I thought that she was just hungry, but she won’t drink her milk.  I then came to my app (BabyCenter) saying that its a sign of her growing two lower teeth.  I am glad that I got this kind of teether when I bought the basic kit for free.

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Forgotten in buying baby stuff

If ever you decided to buy a pacifier and teether at one, make sure that it has cover because your baby won’t be sucking her pacifier/teether all the time, too bad that the Chicco I got for free doesn’t have a cover.  You need to have your own case so you can bring it out.  Also, it is a good idea to have pacifier holder or clip because you won’t know what it touched.  Since I don’t believe in the 5-seconds germs rule.

What is the 5-seconds germ rule?  It is a myth that when your food fell, it is still safe to eat if it didn’t touch the ground for more than 5 seconds.

What have you bought that you think I don’t have yet?

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