Philippine Passport for two (2) months baby

Who is involved?  Two (2) months baby, me, and my common law husband
What happened? Applied a Philippine passport for my 2months old baby
Where did it take place?  DFA at SM Megamall, Philippines
When did it take place? November 5, 2016
Why did that happen?  We were planning to travel to Japan.

I went to DFA Megamall on November 5, 2016, with my partner to get a Philippine passport for our 2 months old baby.  We went there without any appointment unlike for a regular adult that you need to set a date with time.  Same goes for senior citizens (60 years old and above), you don’t need to set an appointment as well.

Let me share with you the requirements that were asked of me in the first step.  These are the following:

Original NSO Birth Certificate of my baby.
Photocopy of my Philippine passport.
Before we got there, I read somewhere that only one (1) companion is allowed.  However, they (men at the entrance) also let my common-law husband join us inside.  I am so thankful since it is hard to look after a baby alone and do something at the same time (applying).

Since our baby is just two (2) months old, we always have a stroller around and they allowed us to bring it inside as well.

By the way, the reason we chose SM Megamall was that DFA is located inside the mall.  Well, it isn’t really inside the mall, you just have to exit the mall then a few steps is DFA.

After giving the requirements, we lined at the cashier.  The person in charge was quite rude, but not to us.  Maybe because the regular person wasn’t reading since information is already posted.  After paying at the cashier, they will encode all your information to the computer while you are looking at it then if all goes well, a picture will be taken.  Thank God my baby cooperated when taking a picture even though we woke her up from her sleep.

My baby was just two (2) months old and she wasn’t sitting yet.  They have a little bed and they spread the same color cloth for the background.  After taking a picture, they have a counter for those who want their passport to be delivered to their house.  We finished in less than 30mins.

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